18/05/2019 - Episode 26 - Joy Disivion special edition
La Bodega - Brussels

On that special date, the episode #26 of Club New Wave parties will be a tribute edition to Ian Curtis, Joy Division and New Order. On Level I, Chacha will play his regular irresistible new wave sets while Hatecraft's sets will include selected Joy Division and New Order tracks including rare versions and a few covers... Pi will ensure the warm up. On Level II, you'll enjoyed different screenings and a digital exhibition of the best Joy Division and New Order pictures taken by Philippe Carly.

Level I: Dance to the Radio
Chacha aka Public Relation (Theatro, Vizio, Fifty Five) [new wave]
Hatecraft (Addams Family) [Joy Division special sets]
Pi (Theatro) [warm-up]

Level II: Shadowplay
Philippe Carly digital exhibition (website)
Screening of films (Control) and rare video documents

  • 21:00 – Here Are the Young Men
  • 22:15 – Control (Anton Corbijn)
  • 00:30 – Live & TV Video Performances 1979/80
  • 02:00 – Special documentary

More info on the practical info page.

Chacha (aka Public Relation) is our resident dj. Well known in Brussels, he performed in the most famous Belgian clubs during the 80′s: the legendary Theatro, the Fifty-Five or the Vizio. New wave and 80′s music have no secret for him. He will make you dance whether you want or not!

Hatecraft is a concert and party promoter since 1986. In the early 80′s he fell in love with New Order’s music and soon discovered their former project Joy Division and all the post-punk scene. Although he opened his mind to electronic, pop, industrial, gothic and noisy pop music, the 78-84 period remains his favorite one.