19/01/2019 - Episode 25 - Face/Off Edition
La Bodega - Brussels

For this 25th party, we've decided to make things a bit different, upside down: this is the Face/Off edition. Chacha and Vinavil will play 80's pop (no new wave!) on the 2nd floor while Richard 23 and Wildhoney will spin darker tracks on the 1st floor. The main floor will eventually be finished by Chacha himself.

Level I: Underground [new wave]

Richard 23 (Front 242)
Wildhoney (New Wave Club Class-X)
Hatecraft (Addams Family)

Level II: 80's [pop]

Chacha aka Public Relation (Theatro, Vizio, Fifty Five)
Vinavil (Cargo 80)

More info on the practical info page.

Richard 23 is the famous frontman of Front 242. For many years, he’s djing in various clubs all around the world. As a new wave music lover, he will play a pure underground set for you.

Wildhoney grew up as a teenager in the 80's with New-Wave, EBM and Punk music. Later on he broadened his musical spectrum with influences of metal, alternative rock, crossover, new-beat, acid, techno, etc. In 1993 he started organising alternative parties in his neighbourhood and later on he was asked as guest dj on parties and festivals in Belgium and abroad (Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Eindhoven...) In 1994 he launched his electro/industrial solo project Responsa Trepida. Since 2007, he takes pictures and reviews for the Belgian Side-Line magazine. In 2009 he became guest-musician (percussion and backing vocals) in RevCo World, with townmate Luc Van Acker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Arbeid Adelt!...) From 2011-2013, he was part of the German Industrial band Minusheart and in 2012, he was resident DJ in New Water Club in Aachen (DE). Since 2013 he is co-producer of the weekly mixcloud-podcast switchbLack.

Hatecraft is a concert and party promoter since 1986. In the early 80′s he fell in love with New Order’s music and soon discovered their former project Joy Division and all the post-punk scene. Although he opened his mind to electronic, pop, industrial, gothic and noisy pop music, the 78-84 period remains his favorite one.

Chacha (aka Public Relation) is our resident dj. Well known in Brussels, he performed in the most famous Belgian clubs during the 80′s: the legendary Theatro, the Fifty-Five or the Vizio. New wave and 80′s music have no secret for him. He will make you dance whether you want or not!

As a kid, Vinavil was influenced by the most electronic aspects of 80's music with the likes of Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Art Of Noise and Kraftwerk. In the 90's, his interest for new musics like Techno and Deep House made him a dj. He hosted a radio show where he invited the Brussels dance music scene of the time in a yet conservative campus of Louvain-La-Neuve. All through the years, Vinavil has been building an impressive vinyl collection of 80′s music with an obsession for the 12" format. Since late 2011, he’s the resident of Cargo 80, mainstream 80′s parties in Brussels.